ExamInLab provides organizations with Computerized Adaptive Tests (CATs), namely computer-based tests that adapt the difficulty and severity of each question to the examinee’s ability level. After the examinee provides the very first reply, a score is calculated. By getting it correct, the examinee gets a tougher item, while by getting it incorrect, the examinee gets an easier item.

ExaminInLab provides tests to assess:

  • The language proficiency level for English, German, Italian, French and Spanish
  • Transversal skills such as the use of office tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, mailbox tools and internet at work as well as skills relevant to accounting, cyber security and GDPR

The test are available in Italian or in English and can be performed online, on any mobile device.

ExamInLab platform can be customized to any client’s need. The client can:

  • Create and have new custom tests to assess specific skills that relate to a particular occupation
  • Have the test page customized to the company identity and information
  • Have the testing platform integrated with the software used within the company

The quiz database contains hundreds of questions and is periodically updated. The organizations can therefore invite examinees to do tests that are unique and different each time.

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